LISBON is an amazing city full of contrasts. Tradition and modernity; natural and cultural richness;... worth discovering deeply.

No better way to do so than to life the city as if it was your own. Stay at the city center, walk around, shop around, blend with the people.

Choose among all the options this city has to offer. Gastronomy, fun, culture, sports, beach,... Choose your rhythm. Walk around easily, without fixed destination or make sure you do visit all the top 10 points marked on your guide. But whatever you want to do, however you want to do it, make sure you enjoy as much as possible.

In LES SUITES DU BAIRRO ALTO we will give you advice and try our best to help you have a memorable trip. Meanwhile, in case you are the organized type, here you are some links that will help you start planning:


Lisbon your own way

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The Apartments