You will find Les Suites du Bairro Alto in the heart of Lisbon’s old city, at Bairro Alto, in an entirely restored Art Nouveau building.

It contains four apartments, one in each floor. The three first floors contain 2 bedroom apartments with a small balcony and capacity for up to 6 people. The Penthouse, an open space with a terrace overlooking the city Castle, suitable for 2 people, is in the 4th and last floor.

The distribution of the apartments make them perfect to be visited by yourself, in couple or a small group, when staying in one apartment, but also to come with a extended family or group of friends.

You can “have your whole building” in Lisbon for a few days, enjoying everyone’s company without loosing your privacy and comfort.

Dated in 1923, the building is classified as historical interest by the Portuguese Institute of Architectural Patrimony (IPPAR) for it is the only Art Nouveau Building remaining in the neighborhood and was also one of the first ones in Lisbon to be built with concrete plaques between floors instead of the traditional wooden structures.

In order to bring it back to its best, it was necessary one and a half years of intensive artisan work to recover all ceilings, floors and original woodcrafts  on doors and windows. Simultaneously, the building was “updated” with brand new electrical and plumbery, air-conditioned, cable tv and wi-fi internet systems, in order to join the comfort of the new times to the charm of the old ones.


The Building

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